DIGITALSCREEN Projection Screens

Whether you need a projection screen for your home theatre or for use at your meeting room, DIGITALSCREEN projection screen is the solution. It gives a vivid image and you get the exact result as you expected, also come in different sizes, styles and formats to suit a wide range of applications. For easy cleaning, matte white will be the best choice. With the remote, you can control the electric screens from a distance.

DIGITALSCREEN offers an extensive range of roll up projector screens that are manufactured using the industry’s
leading cutting-edge technology! These projection screen formats include manual, electric motorized, floor rising,
in-ceiling, portable, and outdoor movie projection screens.

Whether you are trying to create an elegant conference room or craft the ultimate home theater, DIGITALSCREEN is guaranteed to have the best solution for you!

We have invested in the research and development necessary to produce and maintain their various lines of award-winning product. This means that all of our
components-metal, fabric and plastic-are made to a higher level of quality than the projectors screens and projector mounts of their competitors.

DIGITALSCREEN products and service team give you a lot
of value. The ease of installation combined with the
variety of sizes and designs creates new possibilities for any installation.